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Alikai is specifically focused on effective rehabilitation and therapy products. Browse our vast collection of TENS/EMA Units & Supplies, InfraRx™ Infrared Heat Pads, Back Bracing, Temperature Therapy, Lumbar & Cervical Traction, and many other products.

TENS/EMS Units & Supplies

Need more TENS or EMS supplies (“sticky pads”)? Email with your name and address or call (267) 355-2075. See below for instructions on use.

InfraRx™ Infrared Heat Pads


Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) Back Braces provide trunk stability and targeted compression to support fatigued muscles causing secondary back pain resulting from surgery or injury. See below for instructions on use.


Cold Therapy: Reduce pain or soft tissue swelling after trauma or surgery.

Hot Therapy: Loosen or relax tight or sore muscles and/or joint stiffness prior to rehabilitation or exercise.

Lumbar & Cervical

Gently decompresses shapes and hydrates the discs in your neck and back. See below for instructions on use for both cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) traction units.


For questions on other products email or call (267) 314-4349; HI & AK call (808) 208-2568.

Product Brochures

InfraRx Product - Alikai Health

Aspen Back Brace Instructions

Jetstream Temperature Therapy Instructions

PosturePump Cervical Decompression Instructions

PosturePump Lumbar Decompression Instructions

TENS/EMS Instructions

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