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To provide doctors with an alternative to opioids and NSAIDs when treating musculoskeletal injuries and increasing the functionality of their patients. Alikai is specifically focused on getting injured workers back to work through the use of bracing, infrared heat, traction, electric muscle stimulation and other effective rehabilitation and therapy products. Since 2013, Alikai has been dedicated to maximizing clinical outcomes for patients through the proper use of effective and non-invasive rehabilitation and therapy equipment. 


Alikai offers personalized, professional service that makes it easy for your workers compensation and no fault auto patients to receive DME. If you decide to team with Alikai, you will have a dedicated account manager that will fit and/or educate your patients on the proper usage, the contraindications and the therapeutic purpose of any equipment that you prescribe. 


Alikai only utilizes top-of-the-line products from the most reliable manufacturers such as DJO, Aspen and DeRoyal. We are also the exclusive distributor of InfraRx™, a proprietary , prescription-only, infrared product for home use clinically proven to reduce pain by more than 50%. You can learn more about InfraRx™ here:

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